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Relationship Violence and Sexual Misconduct Strategic Plan

MSU has developed an institution-wide strategic plan to address sexual assault, sexual harassment, relationship violence and stalking issues that collectively will help foster a safer campus community.

The strategic plan seeks to increase help-seeking rates and decrease the incidence of RVSM by developing trauma-informed, intersectional programs to address the needs of MSU’s diverse communities. Some of the key initiatives outlined:
  • Expanding trauma-informed services
  • Building trauma-informed culture
  • Strengthening RVSM policy violations, sanctions and discipline process
  • Assessing resources and supports for respondents
  • Strengthening RVSM prevention programming
  • Creating respectful work environments
  • Promoting accountability

View the dashboard to check the status of each initiative.

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Hear from former RVSM Expert Advisory Workgroup co-chairs Dr. Rebecca Campbell, professor of psychology and Deputy Chief Andrea Munford, director of the Community Support Bureau and the Center for Trauma-Informed Investigative Excellence at the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety.